PLN Activity # 1 : Technology helps to make great teachers, students and nations!

I do agree with Bill’s point of view. How can teachers improve themselves if they work in isolation and there is little or no feedback regarding to their teaching? Only when doing team teaching, can teachers constantly improve the teaching quality and drive meaningful change. Different kinds of measurement tools are needed in nowadays education, classroom observations, student surveys and growth in student achievement can reflect teacher’s strength and the areas for improvement!

Evaluation is important in teaching and curriculum design. Lets’ take a look at Wheeler’s cyclical model below:


It starts with the aims, goals, and objectives, then selection of learning experiences, selection of content, organization and integration of learning experiences, then lastly on evaluation.

In the Cyclical Model, curriculum is a continuous cycle responding to the changes within education where any new information or practice will bring changes. In this modal, we analyze, modified and re-implement. We can use this modal to evaluate the classes and curriculums.

As bill mentioned in his video, teachers can take a video tape of the classes so that students can review the class at any time at their own pace. Besides, teachers can share the video tape with peers and seek advice to enhance teaching quality. It benefits to both teachers and students. I think technology really helps in teaching and learning, it also changes the way how we teach and learn in 21st century.

There’s no more spoon feed teaching, technology helps to create a student-center learning environment. It enables students to figure things out and construct the answers by themselves. Teachers are the innovator, illuminator, motivator as well as facilitator who guiding students to learn and inspiring them. To integrate technology with learning, students learn what they are interested in and analyze the content critically. They learn how to learn in and outside the classrooms. They become self-motivated learner and learn with enthusiasm! If you are not willing to learn, No one can help you! If you are determined to learn, No one can stop you!


Only when students desire to learn, can they deeply engage in learning and perform better! Students are the future of the society and education is the most important thing the get right for the country to have a strong future as it should have!

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