PLN Activity # 2 :Learning in the 21st Century

What do we dream for schools, dream for our kids? What is the most important thing that school can teach kids? These questions are all well worth thinking.

As the pace of change in the 21st century continues to increase, there is so much information that we are not able to learn it all. It’s not that useful if we just teach students a bunch of things because there will be completely new things to learn after several years later! Therefore, what we want our students to learn is the way of seeing, the way of thinking and to learn to be a passionate learner!


Learning happens everywhere, it should be processed both inside and outside the classroom. In my opinion, the project-based learning is an effective way for both teaching and learning. Students are highly engaged in their project because it’s what they are interested in and excited about. It’s a creative learning process and students can learn from having experience. They can share the learning outcome via some social networks and their blogs! Those are the great platforms to exchange ideas and learn from peers, many conversations can happen at the same time so that it will inspire each other’s thoughts and make the final work better and better! I think that’s exactly what we did weekly in SPED312. We comment on the same topic and publish it on our blogs. it’s a form of communication that can serve as a way to participate in a class discussion.


Furthermore, the concept of game-based learning is interesting to me. To be honest, I never think of that before, it might because I didn’t have this kind of past learning experience. I find it very beneficial because students can learn from failure and try again and again, they have to make decision continuously and skills will be built in the games because players want to enter the next level. It helps to develop a useful social, technical or managerial and problem-solving practice. Isn’t it the significant set of skills that we should have in the 21st century?

I do agree with the advantage of game-based learning and start thinking about how to apply video games as teaching tools in the elementary grade so as to enhance students’ learning motivation.


However, we also need to focus on games in our real life, which build life skills through cooking, structures, robotics etc. Noted that these physical games can have video game elements in tandem to help create a super learning experience! Maybe schools should just be labs /kitchens/farms?

Link to the Video

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