PLN Activity 5_Part One Ignite_An Awesome Experience Ignites Me to strive!

This 5 minutes presentation depicts that why I want to put myself in education. It’s because I was ignited by a voluntary teaching activity in a rural area in China! I got awesome experiences in this journey. It inspires and ignites me to think what I want to strive for in my life, which is something invisible, you can feel it but cannot touch it. You can get it but cannot use money to buy it! Are you eager to know what it is? Let’s check it out in the presentation!


PS. Ignite is a powerful tool for presentation. It forces the speakers to finish each slide within 15 seconds. Therefore, speakers will try to keep their speech concise and terse, so that they can express their ideas in such a short time. If we invite students to use ignite to make a presentation, I think it helps to improve their organizational and presentation skills. However, I don’t think it’s suitable for teachers to use Ignite very often to teach in class because they may not able to response students’ questions immediately.

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