PLN Activity 5_Part Two_Twitter

Modeling Positive Behavior in the Classroom

Viewing this tweet, it reminds me of my past experience, which is really interesting and I want to share with you.

Do you have an idol that you admire? Yes, I have. My kindergarten teacher was my idol when I was in K-2, I thought she was great because she seemed to know everything. She’s a superwoman to me at that time. I still remember I imitated the way she spoke and I remember that she drank lemon tea very often at that time. I even asked my mom to buy me that particular brand of lemon tea, which is the one my teacher drank. Therefore, I truly believe the action, routine and behavior that teacher takes is very important, it will bring great impacts on students.

By the way, I’d say when we want to show/ demonstrate something in class. We had better remove/ cover the brand of that objects/ products. Try to avoid being the “commercial agent” in class.

Teachers are definitely role models for their students and thus modeling positive behavior in the classroom is a must for all teachers. Students may not tend to imitate you advisedly, but they’re unconsciously influenced. Moreover, I’d say the slogans or quotes hanging on the wall may have certain kinds of influence too. Therefore, we can also using them as a tool to create a positive learning environment. Additionally, teacher is not the one who only conveys the knowledge from books, but also should be the one who teach students how to be a good person! Let’s be the positive role model for our students!


Op-Ed: iPads Transformed My Special Education Classroom

As a teacher, we should believe our students do have the ability to learn. How can students confident in themselves when teachers only have low expectations on them?

I am so glad to hear that Neil Virani changed his students’ lives with technology. I’m really proud of him. Undoubtedly, technologies do benefit to our education, especially for those students with learning disability.

Knowing that one-size fits-all learning is outdated, technology can help every students get exactly what they need and what they want. However, figure out what that things they need is a question worth thinking. As a teacher in the 21st century, it’s necessary for us to think more about how current technology or practices support the demand for personalized learning.


Want to Improve Education? Change the Way You Talk About Teachers

What kinds of career will people consider as professional? Most people will come up with doctors, lawyers, engineers and so on. However, when people talk about teachers, they might just consider it as semi-professional. What causes this phenomenon? I think it’s something related to the social status of teacher in nowadays society.

I would like to use Macau as an example to clarify my thoughts. Some teachers in Macau are not graduated from the Education College and thus they may not have a teacher certificate. However, some schools will employ them as teachers. Well, they may be able to present knowledge to students in school. However, do they really know what education means? Isn’t it very strange? It seems that everyone “can” be a teacher even though they don’t have certain kind of formal teacher training before.  By contrast, will companies employ people without professional training as doctors, engineers and lawyers? Definitely not! Therefore, in my opinion, we should set a higher standard for people who want to become a teacher. Teacher is a professional career. Teachers should have subject knowledge as well as pedagogical knowledge.

Moreover, I think the government should establish some policies to enhance and strengthen pre-vocational and in-service training for teachers and principals to update their teaching skills and to keep up with changing expectations.

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