PLN Activity 6_part 3_Twitter

I think most of us have experience to search information in Wikipedia. It can quickly provide us the basic definition of concepts and events of pretty much any topic on earth and thus we can get the general ideas in a short time. Moreover, it’s also a platform for people to construct the knowledge, everyone can be the editor and information can be updated in a minute.

However, it also brings out other issues that we should concern. Wikipedia is created by an unmonitored and usually anonymous group of people, we are not sure whether they are experts in the topic or not. The reliability of the knowledge or date is questionable. Even though Wikipedia says that they will usually revise the content quickly if it’s controversial. However, people might be misled when they read the web page. Besides, we still don’t know if the “revised content” is correct and accurate, there still have possibility that some parts of the content remain inaccurate that people just don’t know.

Therefore, when students search information on the net, we should remind them to be critical, encourage them to look up in more webpages, the date and information should be compared, analyzed and synthesized! It’s an important skill for learning!


As we all know, regular physical activity is important for kids’ health and reduces their risk of becoming overweight. This tweet also reveals that physical activity is also associated with higher academic achievement. It helps brain cells communicate and enhance a child’s mood, motivation, and focus.

Unfortunately, many kids aren’t getting enough physical activity at school. Schools are maximizing class time and minimizing breaks.

In fact, children often play games as their physical activity, it benefits to children in several perspectives. It is not only good for their health, but also it helps them to develop the cognitive skills as well as social skills. For example, they learn how to follow the rules, how to use certain strategies in order to win the game, how to respect others, build relationships and practice collaboration. They can learn a set of social behaviors via games.

Physical activity is mentally and physically good for students. Therefore, It’s necessary to be promoted in school!


This Tweet talks about students’ fight or flight responses in classrooms. Cultivating a safe and harmonious learning environment helps students to learn better, which can motivate their willingness and curiosity in learning. When students feel at ease and safe, they have a willingness to be vulnerable, to be open to new ideas and guidance from others, isn’t it an ideal learning scenario?

I remembered when I was in elementary grade, my teacher always dominated in the classroom, she talked most of the class time and we seldom had opportunities to express our thoughts and ideas. Moreover, we would be punished if we broke the classroom rules established by teachers. Therefore, I used to be afraid of going to class in some degree and I dared not to speak up in class.

However, I find there’re a lot of differences in nowadays classroom, especially in the US. I have classroom observation at the University Primary School weekly, which is affiliated with the Education College at UIUC. I find that students here are more willing to speak up, teachers raise questions and students are free to share their thoughts and exchange ideas with peers. Teachers make the classroom rules into lyrics and some gestures, therefore, whenever they want to remind the students to be attentive in class, they will sing the songs and students will follow, it’s very useful and efficient! Additionally, students’ works are posted everywhere. It helps to create a sense of belonging for students in the rooms. I think the classroom in UPS is more like a home than a classroom. I feel like I am one the students engaging in the class too!

Students’ fight or flight responses in classrooms can be affected by the learning environment, the interaction between teachers and students, and the groups in class.

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