PLN Activity 6_Part4_Thoughts on William Blake’s Blog

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A Challenge to Educators: Take Hold of the Social Media Phenomenon – William Blake

Social media is a powerful tool in nowadays society. It even motivates and engages students to learn because it’s something that students are familiar with. They might feel more willing to share the ideas online. Therefore, teachers can create some social media, such as Google blog, class twitter, Facebook pages, Moodle and etc, which provides a platform for students to communicate with their peers and learn to construct knowledge. They can also get more great ideas about how others thought.

Besides, social media helps to connect teachers and students with communities outside school. Community can know better what the school is doing now and might be able to provide some resources that enable students to learn outside the classroom. Teachers can also exchange teaching experience with those who teach in different schools, states and countries.

Social media does benefits to education in several ways. Therefore, as teachers in the 21st century, we should expose ourselves to more social media, and try to figure out which one is appropriate to apply in the classroom in the 21st century.

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