Make A Difference!

I think most of us get into the filed of teaching for the overall same reasons:

we want to make a difference in the lives of our students, and we want to inspire them to do their best both in our classroom and for the rest of their lives.


However, difference doesn’t mean change! We as a teacher can’t force our students to change their lives. The most important thing that must be done by a teacher is guiding them how they must see the problem and solve it. So they can choose their own ways to solve the problem they face. Good examples and guidance should be provided for sure! Our job is to facilitate knowledge and skills, inspire responsible behavior and the development of ethics and morals, and create an environment that student feels safe and protected.


Therefore, making a difference is not about what we teach. Rather, it is about how we teach. Making a difference in students’ lives appears more is that teachers create a supportive and caring classroom atmosphere in which can inspire students to become more confident, motivated, and effective life-long learners while conquering the subject matter. It is essential for teachers not only to consider how students will benefit intellectually from coursework, but also how students will benefit personally and emotionally from it.


Do all we can to encourage our students and inspire them, try to reach every student at his or her level and pulls every individual to levels of greater success.

You never know when one of your students will up and surprise you!

Now, I’d like to hear from you!

Have you ever made a difference in the lives of your students?

Please feel free to share your comments and wonderful experieces below! =]

If you want to know more about my teaching and learning philosophy! Please check it out =]

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